In Memory

John McGowan

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07/15/08 08:31 AM #1    

Tommy "Tom" Turner

An incredibly intelligent guy; fun loving; great college roomate and friend. John, you are missed.

08/28/09 10:37 PM #2    

Michelle Pope (Mills)

When John came to Prep the girls all paid attention. He was, however, in love with someone from his former school who later became his wife, I think. He sat behind me in Spanish and never spoke. For some reason he invited me to the first dance and I was the envy of all the girls in the grade. We double dated with Lisa Robinson and one of the guys - can't remember who (maybe Mart Lamar, not from JA) but I know her date had a false tooth, as he quietly pulled it out of his mouth, stuck it in his hamburger at Wendy's (on Northside Dr - apparently a nice place at the time) and screamed and grabbed his mouth pointing frantically at the tooth sticking out of his now abandoned hamburger. The beginning of an evening to remember I think my dog bit John when he walked me to the door - never bit before or after, who knows. A night to remember. And so it went. John was so fun but would NOT dance. We all pressured him that night and many to follow, with no success. The pattern continued til graduation. Something on the cruise changed him. As we lined up to get off the Leonardo (home of the throwed rolls, concrete style) John *danced* up to me. We danced (sans music) awhile (don't know why there was such a wait). From what I heard, he never quit dancing. I was around him now and again for the rest of his days - we'd meet in the aisles at Kroger - he was obviously happy and in love with his first love - til the end. He was a sweet boy, a good man, a great dad and husband. He is missed.

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