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Lee Joyner

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07/14/08 07:22 PM #1    

Bobby Dye

CHURCH! Lee knows what I mean. We all miss you.

07/15/08 10:26 PM #2    

Debbie Bond (Dear)

Life is simply too short to take for granted.... I came to our 10th reunion hoping to see my Lee once again...ironically he was in Virginia for that weekend...then I missed the 15th and 20th reunions but I heard he was there and had asked about of the saddest moments of my life was when Laurie was kind enough to call me to make sure I heard it from her that Lee was gone.... I cried harder then ever before in my life... my heart will always love the beautiful boy I knew and shared so many wonderful memories with.... I miss you Beets...Debbie Bond Dear

07/16/08 05:17 PM #3    

David Russell

Bippin' campaign signs, ripping paperbacks in half. Thanks Lee for the smiles.

07/26/08 08:44 AM #4    

Doug McDaniel

Lee's wife, Cathy, asked me to offer a eulogy at his funeral. As we all try to cope with our friend Lee's death, I thought I'd post the transcript of this eulogy.

My friend, Lee Joyner…

Cathy, thank you for asking me to share some thoughts about Lee. Speaking for everyone here, our prayer is that you, your children, and Lee’s entire family will find some comfort in this service.

If I may just share with all of you my connection with Lee. Lee and I have been friends since the 7th grade. There is something irreplaceable about a relationship you have had virtually all your life, and I certainly feel that way about Lee. As teenagers, Lee and I shared numerous experiences together. For example, I well
remember that the day I got my driver’s license, the first place I drove was straight to Lee’s house. Shortly after that, Lee’s dad, Tom, allowed us to use his car to take our dates out to dinner… 1st “official” date.

In 1977, Lee and I and some others spent a month in Europe in an overseas “study” program….although Doris, I must tell you that as 17 yr old teen-age boys, we really didn’t “study” much but we did have a great time. But
probably our 1st real male bonding experience occurred when he and I were on the 9th grade basketball team at Prep. There were 13 boys on the team but only 12 uniforms, so Lee and I shared a uniform….he would dress out for one game; I would dress out the next. It became apparent that varsity school basketball probably wasn’t in the cards for either of us, so after that year, we moved on to the church basketball league. Lee loved to
shoot that basketball…..and most times, when he got his hands on the ball in a game, that’s exactly what he’s do!!

For those of you that didn’t know Lee well, how can I describe him to you? One word that comes to mind is passionate. Lee was simply passionate about whatever he did. There was a time when I could compete with him in tennis, but his passion for the game moved him way beyond my ability. He put his all into whatever he did, whether it was tennis, bike riding, exercise, or searching for the right school for his children to
attend…..I never saw Lee do anything half-way….what an admirable quality. Also, Lee was an active listener. From time to time, Lee and I would have lunch at River Hills to catch up on life. It was not uncommon for these lunches to last for 1 ½ hours, sometimes 2 hours….not because Lee was running his mouth, but because I was. He was a question-asker…he wanted to know about my family and children and business. I hope you have a friend like that. I really appreciated that about Lee.

Lee and I shared something else that was very significant to both of us….our fathers’ became best of friends with each other. As many of you know, Lee worked with his dad in the insurance business until Tom, Lee’s dad, retired. What a unique relationship Lee had with his dad…not just the father –son dynamic but also business partners and best friends. Together, they would travel all over Mississippi visiting clients and looking for more clients. In the last 10 years of Tom’s life, he became best of friends with my dad, Max McDaniel. Lee would often tell me how much Tom enjoyed my father, and I would tell him how much my dad enjoyed Tom. Tom Joyner was an honorable man, committed to his family and church and Lee Joyner looked up to him so much.

Perhaps our most meaningful time together as adults occurred as he and I participated in several Bible study groups. The 1st group was in 1990, and the group consisted of just he and I. We would meet for breakfast at the old Primos across from the Baptist hospital to
go through a 12-week study that probably took most of the year to complete. It was during that time that I began to know Lee in a new light. Lee had a quest for knowledge and wanted to know more about God. For the last five years, Lee and I again found ourselves in another Bible study group called YBL (Young Business Leaders). Most Tuesdays, for the last 5 years, Lee and I, along with Joe Nosef, David Goodwin, and Jim
Rolfe would meet for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. As I mentioned earlier, Lee was an active listener and as such, made huge contribution to our group. That forum is designed for men, who so often struggle alone, to let their hair down a bit and be real
with each other. Cathy told me this week that Lee really looked forward to the Tuesday group. Speaking for the group, I can say that we will miss Lee dearly!

So, how would Lee want me to wrap this up? I think I know, because ever since I have known Lee, even as a 7th grader, he has been a Bible reader. I think Lee would want you who are here to consider the claims of the Scriptures. In our men’s group, we would often talk about how, in an attempt to live God-honoring lives, we would fail. None of us ever took exception to the Scripture that says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. Paul said himself in Romans 7:15, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do”. But the story of scripture doesn’t end there. God , in His mercy, has provided us a way out. In that one-on-one Bible study
I mentioned back in 1990, Lee and I memorized a verse I’d like to share with you……....1 John 5:11-13 and it says “And this is the testimony. God has given us
eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life. He who does not have the Son does not have life. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know you have eternal life.” God loves us so much, in spite of our sin, that he offers to us the gift of eternal life……Lee accepted that gift, and I know he wants that for all of you. Cathy, Catherine, Thomas, Alex….make no mistake about it….Your husband…your daddy loved you more than you’ll ever know.

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